Roots Roundup

Old school reggae, ska

"Roots Roundup plays a high energy globe spanning music, mashing up the sounds of rock, reggae, ska, afro-beat, funk and old school punk rock."

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  • Dawn Pemberton

    "The queen of Canadian soul music" "Vancouver's funk and soul dynamo" "Dawn has deep musical roots that take her powerful voice from gospel and soul to funk, jazz and world music. A passionate songwriter and performer, Dawn crafts her music with a sense of adventure, quirkiness and serious groove and shapes it ... read on
  • En Karma

    En Karma is a distinct and unmatched commodity in the Bhangra industry. The only Punjabi band in North America, En Karma's members deliver musicianship and performance abilities without compare. Drawing on their UK influences for live band arrangements and infused with their more contemporary influences in Vancouver, En Karma has ... read on
  • Roots Roundup

    Old school reggae, ska "Roots Roundup plays a high energy globe spanning music, mashing up the sounds of rock, reggae, ska, afro-beat, funk and old school punk rock." read on
  • Sophia Danai

    "Sophia Danai has a voice that is capable of hypnotizing by the roomful." Hip Hop Canada Mysterious and sensuous; a voice coated in vulnerability with melodies as dynamic as the inspiration it came from, Sophia Danai is a singer, a storyteller, a producer; an artist. Her soul piercing voice and poignant ... read on
  • Khari Wendell Mcclellan

    Khari Wendell McClelland is a diversely talented and ever-evolving musician. Originally from Detroit, Khari has become a darling on the Vancouver music scene with reviewers lauding his performances as a clever mix of soul and gospel. Khari's songwriting crosses genres and generations, joyfully invoking the spirit of his ancestors ... read on
  • Carmanah

    Carmanah embraces the energy of Canada's beautiful west coast and chose its name to honour the ancient rainforest on Vancouver Island, the Carmanah Valley. Known for connecting with audiences of all ages and musical preferences, the band delivers an eclectic sound that incorporates elements of folk, funk, rock and ... read on
  • Desirée Dawson

    Musician Songwriter Ukulele Player Yoga Teacher Desirée Dawson hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. You might know her as the warm hearted and humble girl who won CBC's Searchlight Competition, as well as rocking stages with her ukulele all around the world. Asides from her soulful ... read on
  • Sina Bathaie

    Santur* player and composer *Persian hammer dulcimer Sina Bathaie, Composer, Santur player based in Toronto is known for his unique style and approach toward Persian contemporary music. His hypnotic performances have garnered him fans from across the ... read on
  • Deep Sea Gypsies

    We are the Deep Sea Gypsies. The small historic city of Victoria on Vancouver Island is home. Since forming in 2010 the deep cold blue of the pacific has loomed its influence. Raw, rugged Rock & Roll drenched in the blues. We are forever unapologetic about our ... read on
  • Danielle Knibbe

    Bitter sweet vocals, aching lyrics, and indelible melodies, with instrumental and vocal harmonies... a tight ensemble of stand up bass and two guitars and three part harmony...deftly crafted compositions that traverse folk, roots and country expressions. Debut album in 2016 ,SOME CUIOUS BIRDS has gained CBC recognition and named essential album ... read on
  • Joal Kamps

    Rocky Mountain folk pop Free spirited singin', songwritin', storytellin' husband and wife duo, Joal and Lauren. are deeply passionate about connecting with people through folk, roots music and laughter. Joal's debut album, Sojourner, won the Album of the Year Award at the Western Canada Music Awards in 2012. And more recently he ... read on
  • The Metronomad and Windhorse

    The Metronomad is a Singer-Songwriter based in Edmonton, Alberta. He has a deep connection to his family's cultural roots in Pakistan; he draws these aspects of Indo-Pak poetry into his songwriting while shading his compositions with influences from his personal guitar heroes, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Jack White and Paco ... read on
  • Ken Dunn and Anna Green

    "an incomparable voice and brilliant fingerpicking" "the folk tradition with sincerity and integrity" Whether mining the depths of human emotion, or pleading the case for social and environmental justice, veteran Canadian folk singer-songwriter Ken Dunn has inspired, and warmed the hearts of audiences across Canada, the U.S., and Central America. Combining "brilliant ... read on